Excerpt from “Women from Brussels” novel (2019/2020) Maryam

It wasn't long before she saw the looks of that young man, aware of howattractive her body was with these short shorts.She arrived with friends to Saint-Gery, asked for a glass of water, whileeveryone asked for his favorite beer, as Belgium is famous for its beerindustry, especially "Triple Carmelite". Occasionally, she shared alcoholwith them, but... Continue Reading →

Adoring him in his absence

I put on my red blouse, carried my laptop, as a common practice of most youth nowadays, and left home with no real sense of time. I had the desire to walk alone. Night fell swiftly and I was too over-thinking to observe it stretching over the road ahead of me. I got into my... Continue Reading →

Sounds from the war knock on our memory (2009)

My story evolves during the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip. These are examples of people, fathers, children, that lost their parents. Unexpectedly killed. Anyone can die at any given moment. house is bombarded to the ground. They are looking for their sister through the rubble of the house. Six months ago already, and I... Continue Reading →

Brusselse Vrouwen Roman

  Vertaald door Desirée Custers. Brusselse vrouwen is een explosieve roman over maagdelijkheid, drugs vreemdgaan en huiselijk geweld met voldoende munitie om alle hardnekkige clichés die Arabieren en Europeanen over elkaar in stand houden, instant aan flarden te schieten.  De Belgische Lore met buitenlandse roots is een alleenstaande moeder en ligt geregeld overhoop met haar zoon over het Midden-Oosten.... Continue Reading →

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