Excerpt from “Women from Brussels” novel (2019/2020) Maryam

It wasn’t long before she saw the looks of that young man, aware of how
attractive her body was with these short shorts.
She arrived with friends to Saint-Gery, asked for a glass of water, while
everyone asked for his favorite beer, as Belgium is famous for its beer
industry, especially “Triple Carmelite”. Occasionally, she shared alcohol
with them, but she never got drunk. She loves to be always awake.
She went down to the ground floor so the toilet is usually on the lower
floor of the place, upon its exit she was surprised to find a man standing
waiting her, the same man who did not lower his gaze on her while she
is sitting with her friends at the table opposite them. His long hair covers
his shoulders, his thick, rude chin. Not pretty at all, but an aura of gravity
surrounds hem.
_ It may seem troublesome from a stranger to get in your way
So, in order not to be strange. who are you?
He smiled as he reaches for handshake: I’m Bruno.
She smiled lightly, and pulled her hand to walk away: I had the pleasure to know Bruno
When I got to the top of the stairs, she found him standing right in front
of her, and his moves were fast, heard him say: I did not have the honor
to know your name.
_ Oh, my name is Maryam. She tried to leave, but he stopped her with his words
This position may seem crazy, and I will not say that it is the first time that I get in the way of a girl in this way, so who will believe? Although it is the truth. But see you sitting there, the artist inside of me got mad. the artist?
Do you mind if I draw you?
A moment of silence has passed between them, he stands watching her
reaction, and his eyes steer all over her body.
Complete his sentence: It’s normal to realize that you look like
something unusual, not only beautiful but very attractive.
Quietly she asked him: naked?
He did not answer her immediately, he was nervous front of her calmness .
Maryam said: You lost your chance, yes; it was enough to agree.
He hit his head with his hand, saying: A second chance?
She smiled, then disappeared, leaving him drowned in disappointment.

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